My name is Adam Becker, and for the past 7 years, I have had the great opportunity to help others set attainable goals, educate them, encourage them, and finally, reach those goals faster and smarter than they could on their own. From 5 pounds to 100, 5 k to marathon, regaining strength and flexibility, ¬†hitting a personal record for push ups an pull ups in your 60’s, or even just keeping you accountable for your health and well being, I can help you see your goal as a possibility and join you on the journey to reach it.

I started my career as a Fitness Professional at Iowa State University in 2009, when I gained 28 pounds my freshman year from all you can eat dinning center food and zero physical activity. After reading Lance Armstrong’s first book, It’s not about the bike, I began my own journey to help myself and others find their passion for fitness.

  • Personal Trainer: Iowa State University Recreation Services
  • Strength Coach: ISU Hockey, USA Bantam Hockey, ISU Football, ISU Olympic Sports
  • Personal Trainer: Ames Racquet and Fitness Center
  • Personal Trainer and Personal Training Manager: YCMA of the Greater Twin Cities

I have gone from one side of the spectrum to the other and back. I started my fitness journey cycling all summer long and completed a 65 mile bike ride. Then, because I had never lifted weights I decided to see what that was like, and I eventually competed in Power Lifting and Strongman, dead lifting 518 pounds (although that was short lived). I was then diagnosed with arthritis at 25 years old, and around that time, I switched back to endurance sports and now enjoy competing in running distances from 5 k to marathon.

So, send me an email, and let me know what you would like to see change in your life. What are your goals and why? and then we can get started on developing a plan for you to reach them.